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Last updated 25 Jul 2024
Parklands 1Open
Parklands 2Open
Parklands 3Closed
Parklands 4Open
Parklands 7Open
Parklands 8Open
Parklands 9Open
Parklands 10Open
Parklands 11Open
Parklands 12Open
Parklands 13Open


  1. July 2024

    1. Fri 26

      Fri 26-Jul 18:00 Samford Rangers Div 5 North Men Bardon Latrobe Div 5 North Men
      Fri 26-Jul 18:45 Toowong Legends of the Phoenix Samford Renegades
      Fri 26-Jul 18:45 Toowong Rapids Samford Thunderbolts
      Fri 26-Jul 18:45 Samford Old Boys MCE Aces
      Fri 26-Jul 20:00 Samford Rangers Div 2 Men Kangaroo Point Rovers Div 2 Men
      Fri 26-Jul 20:15 Samford Outlaws North Pine Silverbacks
      Fri 26-Jul 20:15 Mitchelton Masters Samford Mountain Men
      Fri 26-Jul 20:15 Mitchie Nomads Samford Hillbillies

    2. Sun 28

      Sun 28-Jul 12:10 Samford Rangers U15 FQA 4 Boys The Gap FC U15 FQA 4 Boys
      Sun 28-Jul 12:30 Samford Rangers Div 7 North Men North Star Div 7 North Men
      Sun 28-Jul 12:30 Samford Rangers U15 Div 1 Girls Olympic U15 Div 1 Girls

    3. Sun 28

      Sun 28-Jul 09:00 Samford Rangers U16 FQA 4 Boys The Gap FC U16 FQA 4 Boys
      Sun 28-Jul 10:00 North Lakes United U14 Div 1 Nth Samford Rangers U14 Div 1 Nth
      Sun 28-Jul 10:00 Samford Rangers U13 FQA 4 Boys The Gap FC U13 FQA 4 Boys
      Sun 28-Jul 10:40 Samford Rangers U18 FQA 4 Boys The Gap FC U18 FQA 4 Boys
      Sun 28-Jul 10:40 Samford Rangers U14 FQA 4 Boys The Gap FC U14 FQA 4 Boys
      Sun 28-Jul 11:30 North Lakes United U18 Div 3 Samford Rangers U18 Div 3

    4. Tue 30

      Tue 30-Jul 18:00 Toowong U13 Div 4 Nth Samford Rangers U13 Div 4 Nth
      Tue 30-Jul 19:30 Toowong U14 Div 3 Nth Samford Rangers U14 Div 3 Nth

  2. August 2024

    1. Thu 01

      Thu 01-Aug 19:00 Moreton City Excelsior U18 Boys Samford Rangers U18 Boys

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What’s On

  • 1 Nov 2023 - 31 Jan 2025

    Season 2024

    Registrations close 31 Jul

    Registration is a two-step process, see below for a walkthrough. The process is the same for all teams, except Miniroos Kick Off who are not required to register in Squadi.

    Step 1
    Register with Samford Rangers using the Register Now button.

    Registrations can be processed for one or more family members in the one transaction. Once all family members registrations are complete you will receive a detailed invoice for payment. The amount due can be paid:

    . In full (at the time of registration)
    . Via an approved Payment Plan (to be requested at the time of registration). Please note that a minimum deposit of 40% of the total registration fee must be paid at the time of registration, with remaining fees remitted in full by 30th April.

    SRFC sets registration fees in alignment with its user pays philosophy.

    At the end of this step there is a direct link to Squadi to complete Step 2.

    Step 2
    The Squadi App - When completing the registration in the Squadi App you will be required to pay the affiliation fees. These affiliation fees are a mandatory requirement by the governing bodies which also include player insurance for the season for players in an approved FQ competition.

    MiniRoos (Under 6 - Under 11) - $64.50
    MiniRoos (Under 12) - $80.50
    Juniors (Under 13 - Under 18) - $80.50
    Seniors - $164.00
    Masters - $35
    Wranglers - $35

    In Person Registration
    We are looking to host an in person registration day in the first week of February.
    Please attempt online registration as it's the easiest and fastest option.
    Any issues email

    Payment Plans
    Samford Rangers offer a very affordable (interest-free) payment plan option for your club registration fees. This option provides you with the flexibility to pay the registration fee over a reasonable period and minimizes the strain of an initial lump sum. A deposit is required at the time of registration. Please do not hesitate to contact for any assistance should you not be able to meet your payment plan. Failure to adhere to the payment plan without notice will result in your participation being placed on HOLD.

    Payment plans must be completed by April 30

    Outstanding Debts
    It is important to note that if you have not paid your fees or fines in full for previous seasons and events (e.g. 5 a side competition) then participation in the new season will not be possible until these debts are settled or resolved.

    Family Discount
    We are continuing the family discount scheme. A $100 credit will be applied per player for the second and subsequent players on each registration (excluding Miniroos Kickoff). Family discounts are for those living together in the same household. e.g. Parents and their dependent children.

    FairPlay Voucher
    Samford Rangers is an approved FairPlay Activity Provider. We will also match the value of FairPlay Vouchers for eligible participants.

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