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Last updated 29 Nov 2023
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  1. December 2023

    1. Sat 02

      Kangaroo U9 Trials

      7:30 AM to 8:30 AM
    2. Wed 06

      Kangaroo U9 Trials

      5:00 PM to 6:00 PM
    3. Thu 07

      Academy Parent Induction

      6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
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Football Pro Lab

All great players start their journey locally.



Pro Lab's Mission

In 2023 SRFC is excited to establish the Samford Rangers Football Pro Lab. (the Pro Lab). The Pro-Lab centres it's programme around the premise that "Tactical effectiveness requires technical proficiency".  It will provide player centred development opportunities for Samford Rangers youth (boys and girls aged 6-18 yrs), to nurture their passion for the game and help empower them to be the best player they can be.

Layered opportunities for accelerated, individual player development are created in collaboration with the Pro Lab's dedicated team of locally based and well qualified staff.  The Pro Lab team's expertise includes Advanced, accredited football coaches including former Matilda Pam Bignold and James Corner SRFC Technical Director,  Junior Academy coaches, Master coaches in Exercise Sports Science and Athletic Development, Contemporary Sport Psychology and utilises cutting edge sport analysis and advancement technology currently rolling out across Europe. Progression through the program will be based on milestone delivery and achievement.

Samford Rangers is now competing in the advanced leagues of the Football Australia Pyramid, providing more pathways for our young aspiring footballers to realise their dreams as a player at Queensland representative level, or as an U17 Joey/ Junior Matilda. 

SRFC  Pro  Lab  Term 3 2023


Whether you want to be the next Virgil Van Dijk, Kevin de Bruyne or Kilean Mbappe, our Position based skills development program will educate and elicit improvement in your game to master your position.

Sessions are tailored to developing the skills required for positions across the defensive, midfield and attacking lines, with core competencies covered across each.


Position specific

CORE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT (under 8 to under 12)

Focusing on the four primary skills of First Touch, Striking the Ball, Running with the ball and 1v1, the core skills training will develop our players to become proficient across all these skills to maximise their impact on the game.

4  Core  Skills

ATHLETIC DEVELOPMENT (under 9 - Under 12) / (Under 13+)

The average English Premier league player runs over 10km per game!

Combining the expertise of Propel Fitness and Samford Rangers Football Club, this program is designed to turbo charge your fitness, increase strength and reaction times, and develop your football skills on the field.

Under 9 - Under 12

Sessions are 1 hour long, 30 minutes for Athletic Technique development combined with 30 minutes core skill development.

Under 13+

Player will be developing education on sprint technique, agility and explosiveness, combined with football conditioning exercises to maximise performance on the field.



Extended session time with our favourite Goal Keeper coach and FQPL 2 GK  Zach. Zach was part of the Brisbane Roar Youth Development Program, and Samford is now proud to have him both playing and working in the Goal Kepper space.

The Goal Keeper program is for beginners and advanced keepers, and will cover:

Set Position
General Handling
Shot Stopping
Diving Techniques
Improving reaction times
Dealing with Crosses

just to name a few activities..

Samford  Rangers new  Goalkeepers

FOOTBALL FUN (Under 6 to Under 7)

Welcoming all those kids who are either new or relatively new to the game. Games will teach kids foundational football skills along with motor skill development.


The Winning Mind
  • Can win - not will win
  • Dare to lose
  • Don't need but want to achieve
  • Don't fear but hate failure

SRFC operates under a four corner Youth Development model. This model provides an interrelated development approach to provide holistic development to our players. 

Four  Corner  Model

The dedicated Sports Psychology platform is self-led, with guided milestone or "keys" obtained on course progression.

The course focuses on 7 core Keys that are part of the SRFC Youth Development program; namely:

1. Belief
2. Commitment
3. Focus
4. Communication
5. Control
6. Confidence
7. Coachability

The program is available for licensing at $149.99 per year. Please contact James Corner at if you are interested.

Official partners of Samford Rangers Football Club