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Last updated 25 Jul 2024
Parklands 1Open
Parklands 2Open
Parklands 3Closed
Parklands 4Open
Parklands 7Open
Parklands 8Open
Parklands 9Open
Parklands 10Open
Parklands 11Open
Parklands 12Open
Parklands 13Open


  1. July 2024

    1. Fri 26

      Fri 26-Jul 18:00 Samford Rangers Div 5 North Men Bardon Latrobe Div 5 North Men
      Fri 26-Jul 18:45 Toowong Legends of the Phoenix Samford Renegades
      Fri 26-Jul 18:45 Toowong Rapids Samford Thunderbolts
      Fri 26-Jul 18:45 Samford Old Boys MCE Aces
      Fri 26-Jul 20:00 Samford Rangers Div 2 Men Kangaroo Point Rovers Div 2 Men
      Fri 26-Jul 20:15 Samford Outlaws North Pine Silverbacks
      Fri 26-Jul 20:15 Mitchelton Masters Samford Mountain Men
      Fri 26-Jul 20:15 Mitchie Nomads Samford Hillbillies

    2. Sun 28

      Sun 28-Jul 12:10 Samford Rangers U15 FQA 4 Boys The Gap FC U15 FQA 4 Boys
      Sun 28-Jul 12:30 Samford Rangers Div 7 North Men North Star Div 7 North Men
      Sun 28-Jul 12:30 Samford Rangers U15 Div 1 Girls Olympic U15 Div 1 Girls

    3. Sun 28

      Sun 28-Jul 09:00 Samford Rangers U16 FQA 4 Boys The Gap FC U16 FQA 4 Boys
      Sun 28-Jul 10:00 North Lakes United U14 Div 1 Nth Samford Rangers U14 Div 1 Nth
      Sun 28-Jul 10:00 Samford Rangers U13 FQA 4 Boys The Gap FC U13 FQA 4 Boys
      Sun 28-Jul 10:40 Samford Rangers U18 FQA 4 Boys The Gap FC U18 FQA 4 Boys
      Sun 28-Jul 10:40 Samford Rangers U14 FQA 4 Boys The Gap FC U14 FQA 4 Boys
      Sun 28-Jul 11:30 North Lakes United U18 Div 3 Samford Rangers U18 Div 3

    4. Tue 30

      Tue 30-Jul 18:00 Toowong U13 Div 4 Nth Samford Rangers U13 Div 4 Nth
      Tue 30-Jul 19:30 Toowong U14 Div 3 Nth Samford Rangers U14 Div 3 Nth

  2. August 2024

    1. Thu 01

      Thu 01-Aug 19:00 Moreton City Excelsior U18 Boys Samford Rangers U18 Boys

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Information for Players

Register to Play

All Players at Samford Rangers FC must be registered before they can train and play.

To learn more about the Registration process and to register a player, please go to our Registration page


What do my Registration Fees pay for?

  • Membership to the Samford Rangers Football Club. Membership entitles the member to a vote at the Annual General Meeting. If the registered player is under 18 years of age, then one parent or guardian will receive membership. The parent or guardian who is nominated as the primary contact in the Majestri registration system will receive the membership
  • Player and team registration with Football Queensland & Football Australia
  • Basic Player Insurance cover for all players
  • Facilities costs including maintenance of club grounds and equipment e.g. line marking, nets, corner posts, whistles, linesman flags etc
  • Coaching/playing equipment (cones, bibs, portable goals, speed ladders, hurdles etc. )
  • Coaching & Referee Courses
  • Referee & Assistant Referee fees for regular season games
  • Club Administration costs
  • End of season trophies & end of season Trophy Day for Miniroos and Junior players
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Building and Contents Insurance
  • Council Fees
  • Electricity for Clubhouse & Field Lights
  • Team Photo for all teams up to and including U18


No Pay, No Play Policy

SRFC has a policy of “no pay, no play”. This means that a player’s Registration will not be confirmed with Football Queensland until all fees are fully paid, meaning the player cannot participate in any Football Queensland fixtures.

A Payment Plan can be arranged to enable registration fees to be paid in instalments over a number of weeks or months.


Player Insurance

Once a player's registration has been accepted by the club, they are covered under the insurance policy provided by the governing body, Football Australia.

It is important that all members understand what insurance cover is included in their registration fees, and make their own determination as to whether they need to consider any additional private health insurance to supplement the FA provided cover.

Details of what is covered under the FFA provided insurance and instructions on how to make a claim are at this website.

Football Queensland Intent to Trial Form

If you were not registered to a Football Australia affiliated club last year, you must complete this form before trialling with a club to ensure the club is insured if you suffer an injury.

This form must be completed by players who want to train/trial but have not registered yet. You must not train/trial without completing it first


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