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Last updated 17 May 2024
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  1. July 2024

    1. Sat 13

      Samford Show

    2. Sat 20

      Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

  2. September 2024

    1. Sun 01

      Fathers Day Raffle

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Information for Team Managers

Team Managers are an important part of the team and club. Managers enable team coaches to concentrate on coaching by taking on responsibility for communications, rostering, team administration etc. It is vital that each team has a manager as well as a coach.

Miniroos Manager Handbook 2023

The Miniroos Manager Handbook has been updated for the 2023 season and can be found HERE.

Team Communication

Early and accurate communication is critical for all teams. Our members lead busy lives and often have to fit football in amongst many other commitments. Therefore, any changes to training or games times/locations need to be communicated to the team as soon as possible.

All Team Managers get access to the Dugout in Majestri, which has all the players in your team listed and their relevant contact details. Managers can send an email to the whole group, or selected players/parents.

In 2022 Rangers started using a standard communications platform and we will continue to use this in 2023. Stack Team App has a number of useful features including Chat, Events and Schedules.

Instructions on how to login and use the Dugout and also register yourself in Team App are here. 


Playing Kits 2023

In 2023 the club is supplying every registered player with a 50th anniversary retro playing jersey and blue socks. These are for the players to keep. 

Players need to supply their own black shorts, football boots and shin pads (mandatory for training and games). Rangers branded shorts and training jerseys are available from the club shop.


Child Safety

It is a strict requirement that all staff and volunteers at SRFC have a current Blue Card.

If you have a current Blue Card, please send the details to our Club Administrator, Kerri Davies, at

If you do not have a current Blue Card, you can apply for one here. If you have any issues with applying for your Blue Card, please contact Kerri and she can help.


Safety Check

Each manager should do a quick assessment of the field and surrounds prior to the commencement of the game. This is to ensure that all goals, playing surfaces and surrounds are safe to be used.  Any safety concerns should be reported, addressed and fixed before the game commences.


Ground Officials

It is the responsibility of each Junior or Senior team manager of the home club to provide at least one ground official, per field, who must be in clearly identifiable uniform and must identify themselves to the appointed match official at least 15 minutes prior to the match. Ground officials are to be visible at all times and must be designated to provide an escort to all match officials before kick-off, at half time and full time.  A ground official cannot be the coach or manager whose game is in progress.

Before the Match

  • Put on the Ground Official vest located on the hook in the Cash House
  • Check the referees room and make sure it is clean and comfortable
  • Upon arrival of the referees, make known to them that you are the ground official in case they need assistance
  • If an official referee is not present, ensure that a referee is arranged either by the club or by consent of the two teams playing
  • Ensure that 3 appropriate match balls are available for referee (these should already be in the referees room)
  • Escort the Referee and Assistant Referees to the field of play

During the Match
  • Ensure that the spectators behaviour is orderly and is not abusive to the referee or his assistants, players or other spectators
  • Ensure that the no-smoking rule is observed
  • Direct and assist any ambulance if called to attend a player or any other person
  • Escort the Referee and Assistant Referees to and from the field of play at the half-time break
  • Be of assistance wherever possible

After the Match

  • Ensure the referees safety at all times
  • Ensure that both teams leave the grounds in a proper and orderly manner
  • Escort the Referee and Assistant Referees from the field of play


Equal Playing Time Policy

Coaches and Managers of under 6 to Under 12 teams must ensure that all players receive equal playing time for each and every gameThe only exception is where a player is injured or does not want to play.

Coaches and Managers of under 13 to Under 16 community teams must ensure that all players receive equal playing time over the entire season. These age groups differ from the younger players because in some games a player may be required to play more or less time than others. This will be adjusted in other games where they play more or less to make up a similar amount of time over the season.

The only exception is where a player:

  • is prepared to play positions the rest of the team are not interested in (e.g. goalkeeper)
  • misses training without a valid reason or does not make a concerted effort while training
  • is not available for one or more games throughout the season

Player of the Week (Miniroos only)

The club provides each Miniroos team with a Player of the Week Trophy and we encourage managers and coaches to use this as a means to encourage and reward all players in the team for their efforts.  The intention is for the player to take the trophy home for a week and return it to the manager in time for the next game.

Reporting Match Scores

Miniroos (Under 6 to Under 12) do not keep score and no results need to be recorded.

Junior and senior teams will need to enter teams in Sports TG and print out the team sheet before the game, and enter the scores at the completion of the match.


Referees Fees

Referees are either provided by Football Queensland or we use club referees, for all home games.  All referees are paid by the home club.  Referees fees for regular season games are included in the Player Registration Fee, and there is no need to pay the referees on the day. The exception to this rule is for any pre-season games where there is a referee appointed. These are not covered under the Player Registration Fee and will need to be paid by the team. The Team Manager usually collects the money from the parents and pays the referee at the end of the game. Team Managers will be notified of the referee fees etc. prior to the game.

Some of the SRFC club referees are our own junior players and we ask that all coaches and managers keep a watchful eye over them as far as abuse from spectators and/or opposing coaches is concerned. Any issues should be reported to the Ground Official or an SRFC committee member asap.

A complement of referees for competitive teams (U/13+) fixtures comprises a referee and two assistants (linesmen). For Miniroos it is one referee.

In general, the club will ensure that all referees are allocated for each home game.  However, should all or some of these not show-up for a game then it is up to the home team to make-up for the shortfall.  You should identify parents within your team who would be willing to referee or run a line for a game when required.


End of Season Trophies (Junior and Senior Teams only, not Miniroos)

At the end of the season, every team is asked to award a Players' Player trophy and a Most Valuable Player trophy. 

The Players Player trophy is selected based on nominations from every player in the team (usually each player is asked to secretly vote for their most deserving top 3 players using a points process of 1,2,3).

The MVP award is usually decided by the team coach.

Team Managers need to notify Kerri, our Club Administrator, of the respective winners so the trophies can be appropriately engraved before the End of Season Presentation Day.


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