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Last updated 28 Mar 2024
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  1. April 2024

    1. Sat 20

      Miniroos Season Start
      Under 6 to Under 12 (Non Academy)

    2. Sun 21

      Miniroos Kick Off Starts

      8:30 PM to 9:30 PM
    3. Thu 25

      Anzac Day Breakfast

      6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
  2. May 2024

    1. Sun 12

      Mothers Day Raffle

  3. July 2024

    1. Sat 13

      Samford Show

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Skill Acquistion Phase Community Club

Samford Rangers FC is a member of Football Queensland's Skill Acquisition Phase Community Club (SAPCC) initiative.

What is SAPCC?

A key building block in the Football Australia National Football Curriculum, the aim of SAP is to educate children during these golden ages of motor skill learning to create technically gifted football players. 

SAPCC is for all players aged 9 to 12 years old, with a focus on the development of game-related technical skills.

This initiative provides a wonderful opportunity for our Miniroo players to develop their technical skills in a fun, friendly and educational learning environment, under the guidance of our club coaches and supported by the club's SAP Coordinator and Technical Director.

More information on the SAP Community Club initiative can be found at this link.

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Our Samford SAPCC Coaches

Samford SAPCC Coaches Coaches play an important role not only in a player’s sporting career, but also in their everyday lives. Coaches influence the development of a player’s sport-specific skills, in addition to their development as a person and their approach to other aspects of life.

Our coaches are encouraged to complete the Skills Introduction certification from Football Queensland, and the induction program delivered by Samford Rangers, giving them the skills necessary to deliver the SAPCC program.

Our Coach induction program encourages our coaches to:

  • Be a good role model for the participants
  • Create a positive learning environment
  • Encourage good football
  • Encourage players to be creative
  • Encourage sportsman-like conduct
  • Encourage players to give THEIR best effort
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Have fun

A Coach will Impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a Lifetime 

(Billy Graham)

Official partners of Samford Rangers Football Club