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Last updated 15 Mar 2023
Parklands 1Open
Parklands 2Open
Parklands 3Open
Parklands 4Open
Parklands 5Open
Parklands 6Open
Parklands 7Open
Parklands 8Open
Parklands 9Open
Parklands 10Open
Parklands 11Open
Parklands 12Open
Parklands 13Open

2023 Metro Junior Boys and Girls Muster

Metro Junior age groups are placed into divisional levels (e.g., Division 1) according to their level of skill and ability.

Beginners are welcome, even if they have no prior experience at all.

These muster days will enable the club to gauge what age groups and divisions we may field in 2023.

We will have a minimum of 3 C-Licence coaches working in Metro Junior to provide the best coaching available across all our Metro Junior Teams.

Complete the Expression of Interest - EOI Form

Metro 13 - 18 v 2

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